Weight Loss & Wellness Program

Benefits Of The Well-Medica Program

No matter how much you weigh or what health issues you have, you will lose weight quickly, safely, and sensibly on the Well-Medica program. Typically, committed patients will lose 5-10 lbs. during the first week, and may lose 12-20 lbs. during the first month. 

 More importantly, you will be supported and guided through a complete lifestyle change by our medical practitioners. Ultimately, you will have the mind-set of healthy living to maintain your new weight even after you’ve finished the program.  

 Additionally, you never have to sign a contract with us or pay in advance – just pay as you go. 


How Does The Well-Medica Program Work?

Getting Started

The Well-Medica weight loss program begins with weekly one-to-one sessions with an expert medical practitioner. Upon starting the program, patients will receive a complete medical history and exam, including a full body composition analysis, blood panel and EKG.

You will receive a personalized ketosis-style diet plan. This isn’t the trendy ketogenic diet that’s a hot topic right now, but is a proven, healthy weight-loss plan that will get your body into a state of ketosis. This means that instead of burning carbohydrates for energy, your body will burn its own fat for fuel. Our medical providers will be monitoring you closely each week and making changes to your plan as needed.  

You will also get B complex lipotronic injections each week. These vitamins boost your energy, mood and metabolism, accelerate fat loss, and help prevent water retention. Prescription appetite suppressants are also provided, if prescribed.

Well-Medica Pittsburg, KS Weight Loss
Well-Medica Pittsburg, KS Weight Loss

Progressing Through The Weight Loss Plan

You’ll journal your food intake and we’ll review this together each week. Don’t worry, the food included in the diet is regular grocery store produce, and the diet doesn’t change dramatically each week as you go through the plan. That makes it easier to understand what you’re doing and how to adapt your new diet to your current lifestyle. You will be eating a variety of foods and provided with grocery lists, recipes and tips on eating out.

 This weekly accountability and review – and just having someone to talk to and support you – is helpful to keep you on track until you reach your goal weight, and once you’re there it’s all about maintaining it.

Well-Medica Pittsburg, KS Weight Loss

Maintaining Your Goal Weight

You should never have to diet forever. Once you reach your goal weight, you should be able to eat a normal, well-balanced diet and maintain it. At this stage, we work with you to slowly reintroduce foods that you have not been eating and teach you how to maintain on your own. Monthly wellness appointments are offered to those patients who are not ready to go at it alone and would like to continue with the accountability and support from a provider.

 During these appointments, you will receive a body composition analysis, vitamin injections and a nutritional supplement of your choice.

Well-Medica Pittsburg, KS Weight Loss

How Will This Weight Loss Program Affect My Lifestyle?

Losing weight isn’t magic – it’s about understanding what you’re eating and how that affects your body, and living a healthy lifestyle. It can also be hard work, and week one is the hardest as that’s when you’re most restricted in terms of diet; it will take priority over your life.  

After that, it’s just good food and good nutrition in the right amounts. You can go out for dinner and go on vacation. It’s totally doable no matter what you have going on because if it’s not, you’re not going to be successful. 

Working out isn’t essential for success on this program, although of course it does support a healthy lifestyle. You will lose weight whether you exercise or not, and we think it’s best not to start doing too much all at once.  


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